Many time ago I got to know wonderful breed - Japanese chin. So, now I have several chins in my home.  When I go for a walk  with them, people on the street tells me - "Wow! What a beautiful dogs!"   Many experts on dog shows give highest of estimates and titles for them.


   The first of my chin was Almerita Brut De Imperium Auri ore Masha(
mother of Junior World Winner 2014 and Junior World Winner 2015). She was born in kennel "Imperium Auri" (Russia; Moscow) I  bought her from a breeder Svetlana  Sutueva de Durand, and I thank Svetlana for my Masha until today! Masha was very pretty puppy and when she grew up she has become very beautiful japanese chin. We were with her in many dog shows in different countries.


   In 2010  I have met with  Elena Tsygankova (kennel "Delis Sakura"; Moscow) - one of the largest and famous breeders of japanese chin in Russia. She has extensive experience (25 year`s)  in breeding of japanese chins. I  learned and continue to  learning  from her and we decided to open a branch of kennel "Delis Sakura" here in Israel.  Owing to, now in Israel we have good population of japanese chin.


  Currently, we can offer puppies  Japanese Chin  of different class: show-class; breed-class; pet-class. We can also to provide  delivery of puppy your country.
All you need to do -  choose your Japanese Chin in our kennel!

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